Chassis: MX-01

Due to the wide width of the monster wheel, the tire will collide with the wheel-arch when the shock absorber is compressed after replacement.
The person using this part must have the ability to raise the shell or any other modification.
(The way to increase the offset is also a solution.)

This adapter can be stacked with Offset Spacer [MXP008]. (Itself contains 1mm offset.)

*If stacked, must to use longer screw.
 (This Screws Set [S22PUS001] package include: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm screws.)

*Reference for screw matching:
 Offset +2 uses with 12mm screws.
 Offset +4 uses with 14mm screws.
 Offset +6 uses with 16mm screws.

Adapter --- 4 pcs
M2×10mm Screw --- 4 pcs
Shim --- 4 pcs

AL7075 Rim Adapter

  • Product No.: MXP010
  • Availability: In Stock
  • US$16.3


AL7075 Wheel Offset Spacer (2mm)

Chassis: MX-01

2mm each. (Can be stacked.)...

US$16.3(In Stock)


Stainless Steel Phillips Screw Set

Phillips pan head machine thread screw set package.

2×8mm --- 5 pcs
2×10mm --- 5 pcs
2×12mm --- 5 pcs
2×14mm --- 5 pcs
2×16mm --- 5 pcs

US$3.0(In Stock)


Stainless Steel Shim Set 2×5mm (0.3)

ID2×OD5×TH0.3(mm) --- 10pcs

US$1.2(In Stock)