Order Processing Schedule

Usually the order will be processed within 2 working day after it is placed. Then we will complete the dispatch within 3 working days. During these periods, if there is any situation, we will explain in the [Order Detail].

(How to check [Order Detail]: Frist, login. On page head [My Account] --> [Order History], and click the [View Detail] of the order you want to check.)

Order status description

[Pending] - This is the status of a newly placed order. It means that the order has been established. We will process it within 2 working days.

[Processing] - The order is being processed. Usually it will enter the shipping process within 3 working days.

[Processing dispatch] - The order is being dispatched for shipment. It will usually be completed in 1 working day.

[Dispatched] - The order has been delivered to the shipping unit, such as a post office or courier. At this point you will receive the tracking number for the package in your email.

Others - Any other situations will be described in the Comment column as needed.

Working hours

Except for the bulletin or announced special holidays, our working hours are: Monday to Friday, 11:30 am to 6:30 pm. (Based on GMT+8)