Chassis: MX-01

2mm each. (Can be stacked.)

*If stacked, must to use longer screw.
 (This Screws Set [S22PUS001] package include: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm screws.)

*Reference for screw matching:
 Offset +2 uses with 10mm screws. (This package setting.)
 Offset +4 uses with 12mm screws.
 Offset +6 uses with 14mm screws.
 Offset +8 uses with 16mm screws.

NOTE: This part is tightly connected with the KYOSHO plastic universal joint. If your universal joint is made of KYOSHO metal or other brands, this spacer may need to be sanded to assemble well with the counterpart. Persons using this part must have the ability to modify.

Offset Spacer (2mm) --- 4 pcs
M2×10mm Screw --- 4 pcs

AL7075 Wheel Offset Spacer (2mm)

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AL7075 Rim Adapter

Chassis: MX-01

This can be stacked with Offset Spacer [MXP008].

*If stacked, must to use longer screw. See this: Screws Set [S22PUS001].

Persons using this part may need to have the ability to modify. Please click to enter the detail page to view the description.

$10.5$16.3(In Stock)