Checkout Terms

Welcome to our shopping website. Before proceeding to checkout, please read the following checkout terms carefully. By using our shopping website, you agree to the following checkout terms:

  1. Shopping Process:
    • After selecting the items, you need to confirm your order details on the Shopping Cart page, including the quantity and items. Please review these details carefully before confirming the order to ensure accuracy.
    • It is essential to double-check the address information to ensure it is accurate. Otherwise, it may result in shipping delays or non-delivery. If a package is returned due to incorrect address information, we will cancel the order and refund the items amount after deducting the shipping fee within 3 working days upon receiving the package.
  2. Return and Exchange Policy:
    • Package not dispatched: Before the order is dispatched, you can directly reply to the order confirmation email to notify us of the cancellation or request a change of items. If there is an additional price difference for the item change, we will inform you how to make the payment to cover the difference. In the case of cancellation or item change resulting in a refund, we will deduct the PayPal handling fee (see note) and refund the remaining balance.
    • Package dispatched: Once the order has been dispatched, we only accept returns and do not offer item exchanges. You can return any items to us within 10 days of receiving them. Upon we receiving the returns and confirming that they are brand new and without any issues, we will refund the item amount after deducting the PayPal handling fee (see note) within 3 working days. And you can reorder other items you need.
  3. Duties and Import Fees:
    • Buyer's responsibility for customs duties: Please note that for cross-border shopping, import duties and other related fees may be required. These fees are the buyer's responsibility and are not included in the item price or shipping cost. The specific requirements import duties and customs clearance procedures may vary depending on the country/region. The buyer is responsible for understanding and complying with the relevant customs duty regulations in their country/region.
    • Customs clearance procedure: The buyer should independently understand and handle the relevant customs clearance procedures, including providing necessary documents and paying the corresponding duties and import fees. If the buyer is unable to pay the duties, resulting in unsuccessful customs clearance, according to general rules, the duties will be transferred and borne by us. In this case, we will cancel the order and refund the remaining balance after deducting the paid duties, shipping fee and PayPal handling fee (refer to the note).

Calculation of PayPal handling fee: Original planned refund amount × 0.044 + 0.3
For example:
Original planned refund amount is US$100.
Actual refund amount = 100 - (100 × 0.044 + 0.3) = US$95.3