Chassis: MX-01

2mm each. (Can be stacked.)

*If stacked, must to use longer screw.
 (This Screws Set [S22PUS001] package include: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm screws.)

*Reference for screw matching:
 Offset +2 uses with 10mm screws. (This package setting.)
 Offset +4 uses with 12mm screws.
 Offset +6 uses with 14mm screws.
 Offset +8 uses with 16mm screws.

Offset Spacer (2mm) --- 4 pcs
M2×10mm Screw --- 4 pcs

AL7075 Wheel Offset Spacer (2mm)

  • Product No.: MXP008
  • Availability: In Stock
  • US$16.3


AL7075 Rim Adapter

Chassis: MX-01

Can be stacked with Offset Spacer [MXP008]...

US$16.3(In Stock)


Stainless Steel Phillips Screw Set

Phillips pan head machine thread screw set package.

2×8mm --- 5 pcs
2×10mm --- 5 pcs
2×12mm --- 5 pcs
2×14mm --- 5 pcs
2×16mm --- 5 pcs

US$3.0(In Stock)